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With the advent of powerful devices that can communicate through the constantly evolving new generation mobile data networks, application providers have been able to bring productivity, workflow and sales channels to the handheld devices. While these platforms have started to get attention recently, Aaradhya Infotech has been working within this technical fabric for a while now.

Aaradhya Infotech has developed a wide range of PDA applications that range from consumer enabling new generation to widgets; enterprise applications that seamlessly enable the ever-travelling corporate team participate in secure enterprise workflows; to applications that further extend your storefront from the browser to your target's palm.

Native applications for the PDAs and Tablets (by OS)
  • iPhone and iPad (iOS) - Aaradhya Infotech has successfully developed enterprise applications, some of which are proudly available on the Apple Store. We have been working on the iOS since version 2.0. Our team typically develops these applications in Objective C / XCode with RAD tools on top of these platforms. We have also developed iPad applications.
  • Android (PDAs and Tablets) - Aaradhya Infotech has successfully developed enterprise applications, some of which are proudly available in the Android Market place. We have also developed applications on the Android Tablets.
  • RIM/ Blackberry - Aaradhya Infotech has developed applications that run on the RIM OS spanning the blackberry PDAs.
  • Symbian - Aaradhya Infotech has developed application that run on Symbian OS catering to the Nokia and other devices. We have been developing Symbian applications since OS 6.0 (yep !).

Aaradhya Infotech – Innovative approach sets us apart

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